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Šurmulys, išskirtiniai vakarėliai, įdomūs žmonės ir spalvotos gatvės. Berlynas – Europos audringiausių vakarėlių meka, pulsuojanti svetingumu ir linsmybėmis. Kokteilių baras „Berlin...
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Jason Smith
2014.05.15 | 11:07
THIS IS NOT A SAFE BAR FOR FOREIGNERS! DO NOT GO HERE! I was attacked without provocation by a bouncher/security guy in Berlin Club. As a foreigner in Vilnius I don't speak a word of Lithuanian or Russian so I was not able to figure out exactly what I did to anger the security guy. My only guess is because I was chatting with a Lithuanian girl that another guy was previously chatting with and that made someone upset. But instead of escorting me out he decided to put me in a choke hold to the point where I nearly blacked out.
Pissed off
2013.11.16 | 20:57
When you look up in comment you expect to get some info in how the place is not some none sense about fucking bulshit.... More info would do!!!
2013.01.15 | 21:44
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2013.01.13 | 14:29
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2013.01.13 | 00:43
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2013.01.12 | 04:22
Your tinhking matches mine - great minds think alike!
2013.01.11 | 13:28
I'm not quite sure how to say this; you made it extrelmey easy for me!
2012.09.29 | 13:01
Ar cia gerimai nemokamai?
2012.04.25 | 05:58
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2012.04.25 | 01:22
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2012.04.24 | 05:32
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2012.04.23 | 08:59
M2n5QB dbhldulyprsa
2012.04.23 | 06:16
sounds like your speech and datebe event went well and sounds very cool . sounds like you are havings lots of new and great experiences. keep up your good workfromMeghan and Cathy
2012.04.20 | 15:20
Hi PJ sitting here ctawhing the angry skys rolling across the lush Garioch landscape and thought i'd check on your progress so are you in Belarus yet?Sounds like its not as easy as I imagined about rocking up to a place and finding a place to lay yer hat for the evening must say that would piss me off big time after a days cycle to find the Inn full signs up everywhere. Absolutely no truth in the rumour that I am phoning ahead of you telling everyone to lock up their daughters and board up there windows shocked at how the rumour even started! Hope the wind is more in your favour than not take care.Maxi.
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