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Nedidelis, jaukus, naktinis striptizo klubas Vilniuje, nuo pirmadienio iki šeštadienio siūlantis nepamirštamus potyrius pramogų ir gero laiko ištroškusiems lankytojams...
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2017.09.11 | 21:38
Полностью поддерживаю,
2017.09.05 | 14:16
Спасибо за инфу,
2017.08.24 | 02:00
Очень познавательно!
2017.07.23 | 18:44

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2017.01.05 | 12:31
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2014.06.03 | 18:59
Norėčiau naktinio sexo su mažule XD.
2014.05.29 | 20:59
Can I come today
2013.12.14 | 20:39
2013.11.09 | 17:58
kokia kaina i kluba ieiti?
2013.03.03 | 04:07
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2013.02.28 | 13:08
I think you are reading way too much into it, unter. If the CIA is crinoolltng the political process in Lithuania, one would have hoped it would have been a more stable government these past 20 odd years. As it is, it has been a government of fits and jerks.Unfortunately, Lithuania is very much its own country when it comes to politics. Not to say there aren't influences from both the East and the West, but the CIA plays very little role in it. Sorry.
2013.02.28 | 13:08
Kubilius has little room to talk, he has esltneiasly been using "Soviet" methods to raise taxes, cut public salaries and pensions, cut health care costs and a number of other hot button issues in what so far has been a failed effort to balance the budget.The CIA "black sites" have really taken the Lithuanian gov't by surprise, as none of the current leaders were in power during the time the secret prisons were operating.Adamkus is suffering most from these revelations, as he was president during the time, but it seems that this was mostly an operation carried out between the US and Lithuanian military, with few persons really knowing what was going on.Anyway, I'm sure it will all be sorted out soon enough.
2013.02.26 | 11:09
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2013.01.13 | 13:26
We could've done with that insghit early on.
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