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Havana – tarsi prieskonis, o pagrindinė idėja slypi žodžiuose „Social Club“. Mūsų tikslas – suburti įvairias visuomenės ir subkultūrų grupes, kurios bendrautų, linksmintųsi ir kurt...
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2013.11.27 | 14:22
sveiki, gal jum reikalingas barmenas?

pagarbei Ksystofas
2012.06.02 | 07:32
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2012.06.02 | 03:30
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2012.06.01 | 05:33
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2012.05.31 | 13:26
I'm so glad you had fun on your trip! It must have been so nice to immerse yseroulf in your husband's culture and childhood memories. And to eat all of that awesome food! That blueberry cottage cheese square looks completely amazing if all the food was that good, then I really need to go to Lithuania!
2012.03.13 | 07:19
Thanks Jonna, yep we've been thinking about that as well! That we soluhd have coffees from different countries and educate people that coffee differs from where it is it from and what type it is. Only finding through internet, you cannot really check how they really are. Would be nice to be able to travel to all these places, hunting for coffee :)Tommy,good idea with theme weeks,or maybe months we could do at the beginning, helps not to be stuck with the same menu. We'll see what we'll come up to at the end. Btw, maybe you could share some recipes you collected? :) We are flying to Paris, I see it's not so far from Trier, we haven't plan our trip back in Europe yet, so we'll see,maybe :) And the Lithuanian sweets you probably mean Surelis, you must come to Lithuania for that!
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