Horoscope for each zodiac sign for 2010


Aries (March 21 – April 20) – Arians may use their innate sense of initiative in achieving their objectives, because this year is advantageous for those who are proactive, are able to use providence, know how to risk reasonably, but do not demonstrate their intentions openly.  Ability to provide and think everything well can help to achieve fairly good results in many areas such as career, academic and artistic spheres, and to make certain of quite a successful 2010 year, despite global challenges. Quite relevant issue of this year will be a partnership, both personal and work, manager - a subordinate position, friendship, shared sectional plans.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21) - People who are born under Taurus zodiacal sign in 2010 can expect appropriate results if they are able to concentrate their forces and quite hard work. Success may be increased by beneficial relations with foreign countries, distant partners. Significant opportunities open up in this area. It will be good this year to continue the previous year's projects, to use all gained experience, to put enough personal efforts and that will guarantee quite good income in this period, when there is lack of stability. Significant changes are possible if there will be used the successful opportunities, friends’ support, former friends and situations return from the past. But there is expected disappointment in some people, inability to use unexpected failure of a great opportunity, so the caution is required in their intercommunion and in almost all areas of life, and then Taurus will have the most successful year.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21) – People who are born under Gemini zodiacal sign may have to change their approach to the security methods of their well-being. They may need to find new ways of activities, to learn to take risks wisely, to use the initiative in moderation to be successful, to make the career, to try to correct the mistakes of the past. There will be opportune to strengthen skills, regularity, to take over a foreign experience, to be patient and to be able to concentrate and to select the right way of activity, to set priorities. Very much will depend on the correct choices and decisions, the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges in this controversial year. An important object of the year will be personal relationships, which may require a final decision. The year will be quite satisfactory if Gemini should not harm the situation with innate impatience.

Cancer (June 22 – July 23) – 2010 year for the Cancers will be healthy for the new ideas and projects targeting, and making number of interesting and useful contacts. The year will be quite successful in the field of career. You will have the potential success of activities development, the implementation of the old intentions, although the actual results of activities may become apparent only during the next year, so this year is useful to prepare the foundation for the future success. The year will be enough healthy for the creative, artistic people, and all others will have enough of energy and strength to achieve specific goals, life harmony and completeness. There will be the need to make important, final decisions, pertinent the relationship. There will be the opportune to legitimate relationship, and so finally terminate obsolete contacts.

Leo (July 24 – August 23) – People who are born under Leo zodiacal sign will have the opportune to enhance their working skills, to raise the mastery, to provide the necessary professional knowledge, and this will help to reinforce their social positions in a difficult 2010. The year can be quite changeable, successful periods may be changed by problematic periods, however, this will be the Sun, as guardian of this sign, year and Leos will be able to cope quite well with all hindrances, although Leos will have to put enough effort, be active and act decisively to achieve good and ensure results. Precautions may be required by financial matters. Leo should be responsible while taking risk; to postpone travel and important decisions on periods before and after the eclipses because the eclipses’ influence will be quite negative. The first half of a year you will have enough energy and strength, while maintaining a relatively high pace of activity and in the second half of the year the health may worry. This is quite a critical year, which may affect the next few years period, and therefore requires a responsible approach in all spheres of life.

Virgo (August 24 – September 23) – 2010 year may highlight the opportunities of creative realization, strong sides of character, strictness, femininity, changes in feelings and relationships for   people who are born under Virgo zodiacal sign. Relationship with the people may require a high diplomacy; ability to communicate smoothly will help to build the necessary and useful business links, helping to develop activity successfully and to move forward towards the target. You may have to reject spent and obsolescence relations. While creating plans and providing guidelines for the future Virgos can only rely on their selves, their innate mental abilities, ability to make correct decisions. It can guarantee the success of the next year. Job and career field may require all of their flexibility, ability to find unconventional solutions, depending on the circumstances make necessary adjustments, to change the objectives, to reject everything that impedes the implementation of personal ambition. Particular caution is required in emergency eclipse periods.

Libra (September 24 – October 23) – 2010 year will be an important career, own authority and prestige issue, the use of all opportunities to strengthen own positions for the people who are born under Libra zodiacal sign. It will not be the year of heady victories, but there will be tangible results of the previous year's efforts. Also there will be an opportunity to assess what is actually achieved, what remains to be done in order to put a firm foundation for success this year. The year will be quite good for this sign, particularly for creative and talented Libras is possible a significant profit, although there will be some periods this year, when are possible the expected deficiency at work and in relations with the authorities. You can experience positive relationships with relatives, with family and domestic affairs. For singles it will be possible to meet the soul mate and in some cases can be created and legitimate the relationship.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) – 2010 year promises a good position in the sphere of education for Scorpio sign. Scorpios will have the ability to firm their own professionalism, necessary and beneficial relationship which will help to enrol in an official hierarchy. There will not be bad odds for the family planning, existing family relations firming. The year will be favourable to economic problems solutions and improvement of living conditions. The year will be favourable for providing activity range this year, identifying and adjusting future targets, finding ways to achieve personal and professional recognition, through the surrounding people and partners support and maintenance. The personal initiative, responsibility and obligations assumption are necessary in this period. This would help to personal growth and prosperity and creative potential development. Year will be favourable for those whose objectives are realistic, practical, and persons are tending to change their personalities under the banner of the main goal.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) – They can use this year for the creation of their own material base, despite the fact that this year will be quite unequal for them, promising variable rises and falls, and only their ability to invoke the help of elders wisdom, public support, their consistent, steady achievement of the objective, may end the year with quite favourable results. The best is to rely on their selves and their intuition with a huge responsibility for this zodiacal sign this year. Sagittarius should try to overcome the unpleasant obstacle course; this would strengthen the personality and let complete each matter successfully. Like many other signs, Sagittarius can not avoid feelings this year. There will be opportunities to meet the true love for the lonely hearts, especially in the summer. The year is quite favourable for the family planning, as well as for the pleasant romantic communication, which can cause a good mood, may lift state of mind and allow fully feel the pleasures of life benefits.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) – The ally of Capricorns will be their personal initiative, ability to find a compromise and the possibility of cooperation with partners in 2010. This would significantly contribute to realize the previously plans and new projects successfully and to achieve high-level goals. The year will not be easy, there may be various challenges, tests, but the innate skills to focus, concentrate, and depend upon their own abilities and strengths, the ability to achieve the goal, removing or overcoming any obstacles on the way, will let to get positive and significant results. There can be quite severe changes in life, a lot of unexpected situations, when you will have to make choices, make decisions and take on additional responsibilities, clearly set out the range of activities, to experience challenges and risk that influence the further fate. The Capricorn will need to act quickly, wisely, and successful course of events, leading to the ultimate objective, will depend on that. Gallant adventures are waiting for this zodiacal sign. There may be fateful meetings which influence the further flow of life, the high popularity among the opposite sex, and a serious partnership.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) – 2010 year will encourage the Aquarius to assert the independence, focusing on activities, and the friendly relations nurturance with people who have common ideas. This year will be the achievement of life stability, while maintaining the possibility of free expression, and space for creative ideas, their development and realization. At the beginning of the year and in the autumn there will not be stability, there will be possible unexpected, unforeseeable situations, requiring quick responses, decisive actions, and however, the year basically will be positive. Sometimes there can occur and repeat old situations, an opportunity to correct old mistakes, make the right choices for the future. Rather harmonious relationship with the family will let to work quietly and efficiently, to develop the potential talents, to explore the secrets of life, to allow access the necessary changes in life, to grow spiritually. Precaution is required in financial matters, solution of unforeseen problems, although the year promises quite good incomes.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20) – The successful activities in the team are waiting for the Pisces, as well as new technology realization, including a computer, and that will improve personal prospects. This year may require considerable self-control, ability to take heart, focus and successfully to come out of difficult situations by relying on own strength. Jupiter, the planet of the big will, going by transit through the sign of Pisces, promises good, unique perspectives, when it will be possible to implement the most courageous intentions, to use the lucky opportunities offered by fate. The year will be good for the career, new creative projects, the active business activity, some life changes, the start of serious relationship, implementation of secret dreams, and successful romance. The year will be good for maintaining own houses, dealing with family affairs, for children education. The Pisces should control their high sensitivity, which can cause problems, so it should be avoided the strain of nervous system, and should be paid more attention to the daily routine, relaxation, healthy nutrition, sleep.

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