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Vilnius city: diverseness and unity

It is quite difficult to answer the question „What type of city is Vilnius?" After several hours spent in the streets, it is possible to be under the impression that this is a very miscellaneous and really extraordinary city with a many different shades. However, several key aspects of Vilnius can certainly be mentioned.

Citizens. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, from the fourteenth century. According to the recent data, the population of the city is slightly less than 600 thousand, but this is only the official figures. With the inclusion of students (there are actually 13 high schools in Vilnius), guests of the city and other nonresidents, it is possible to count up to 800 thousand of citizens in Vilnius. Considering the miscellaneous ethnic composition of the city, you can hear a wide variety of languages in the street - Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English, and even Turkish. It is not a surprise, when the Spanish, Italian, German or British citizens decide to visit the capital of Lithuania. Recently the number of the city guests from the Western European countries grows. When Vilnius was selected as a 2009 European Capital of Culture, along with Linz, the city of Austria, there was even greater invasion of foreigners. However, the maximum apogee will be reached in 2013 in the capital of Lithuania, when the country will chair the European Union Council. It has already started preparing for this historic event because the flow of diplomats from various corners of the world will come to Vilnius together with other people, who decide to visit Lithuania.

Nature and climate. From the bird’s eye view it is possible to observe that Vilnius distinguishes by plenty of greenness. That is not surprising because forests and waters cover 46% of Vilnius territory. If you add parks and gardens, you get the result that more than a half of Vilnius area is in nature’s lap. As Vilnius is encircled by forests and lakes, which are at hand, frequent resident and visitor choose the rest in the nature. It is easy to visit various beaches, shores of waters and to start on tourist attractions, which are usually within the city precincts or near the city, with the public transport or simply by bicycle. Continental climate of Vilnius also has its advantages. The rain is rare, especially in summer, because the city is midland more than 300 km. True, the snow frequently covers Vilnius in winter. However, townspeople take pleasure in ice-rinks and skiing lodge in this season. The hilly landscape of Lithuania’s capital gratifies at any season.

The Old Town. The pride of the city is the Old Town, which total area is more than 360 ha. It is the biggest Old Town in all Baltic States. It has 74 quarters, 70 streets and 1487 buildings. The Old Town of Vilnius has been entered in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1994 for its specificity and size. One of the most attractive objects in the Old Town of Vilnius is the plenty and variety of churches, which are different styles, such as Gothic, Revival, Baroque, etc. Napoleon Bonaparte was in fascination with churches of Vilnius. One of the legends tells that fabled French general while travelling to Moscow, visited Vilnius and was in fascination with St. Anna Church. This church had left such impression for Napoleon that he wanted to bring this church to Paris on his palm. The Old Town also is the place, where are situated various museums. There you can visit Art, National, Genocide museums, various museums of Vilnius University, the Modern Art Centre and also a plenty of other places, which are situated in the heart of the city.

Art. Vilnius also can offer other activities for the Art lovers besides museums. There is the Theatre of well-known artistic director Oscar Korsunovas, who receives recognition in all Europe. However, if you don’t get the ticket to his performance, don’t be sad. There are 12 more various theatres, where also work well-known artists, such as Rimas Tuminas, Eimuntas Nekrosius, et al. The capital of Lithuania often exhilarates with various art festivals, which attract the most colourful world stars. One of the most interesting things, which Vilnius can offer, is constantly organized concerts and various art shows in the city’s churches. It is a great experience for the people with an Attic taste to dance and listen to classical and modern music in an interesting and chamber atmosphere.

Entertainment. Any guest of the city can have a good time and unforgettable impressions in a plenty of Vilnius’ lounge bars, restaurants and other recreational facilities. Although the spirit of old traditions is typical for the Old Town lounges, however, postmodern atmosphere lingers in many coffee-houses; and those, who seeks entertainments overnight, can easily find the club or other entertainment place. In sum, Vilnius is exceedingly colourful city, which can offer a plenty of different activities. This exclusive feature of Lithuania’s capital is the main cause of many different visitors, such as free-living students, serious businessmen, artists, scientists, sport’s fans and a lot of other visitors, who come to Vilnius. Perhaps the other city guest will be YOU?



While bethinking of any city nightlife, an idea rushes into head about parties, clubs and other recreational facilities. However, it is rarely thought that at night it is possible not only to dance but also to be engaging in non-traditional activities. There are enough of lounge bars and similar places, where friends can spree overnight. However, any resident or visitor of the city can find such places just walking down the narrow urban streets. Bohemian wine-cellar, night clubs pulsed with an electronic music vibes - everything is at hand.

 However, the lovers of the darkness with the Attic taste also should not droop. One of the most interesting things you can do in Vilnius is start on the night tour going down the city streets. Cathedral, Gediminas’ Castle and the view from it, Town Hall Square, Castle Street, Presidential and a plenty of other sights bloom in totally different colours, when these buildings are surrounded by darkness.

Sometimes Vilnius is full of unusual night entertainments. For example, a while ago in the capital’s 'SEB' scene was a night tennis tournament. It started at 9 p.m. and lasted till morning. The event was attended not only by professionals, but also by amateurs, who chased phosphor balls with rackets. The arena in the dark was impressively decorated with artificial light.

One of the most impressive events in Vilnius is the traditional "Let There Be Night! “ The streets of the capital have been changing to the art spaces at night of the 21st of June for the three years. Night dances, shows in the abandoned courtyards, a fantastic size of burning sculptures, installation in water and a plenty of other masterpieces do not allow the citizens to sleep all night. Museums, exhibitions, performances are open all night. Everyone can choose according to the taste. It is a challenge to visit a hundred of events in different places of the city.

So, there is a wide choice, just look to the offers of Vilnius nightlife. Of course, it is worth to visit lounge bars and clubs, especially when there is the great offer of different places. However, it should be remembered that the night may be related not only to entertainments. Vilnius distinguishes as an unpredictable city with the great choice variety and the ability to offer what is desired by soul with the different nature. If not every day than at least weekly, Vilnius proposes unconventional nightlife. No matter what it may be - night sales at the supermarket or a huge cultural event, the city is filled with its own rhythm, which everyone can feel.

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